Rio Marié is simply the ultimate Peacock Bass fishery, and the locals call it "Rio de Gigantes"

Rio Marié is entirely located inside an extensive Indian Territory, an area of more than 2 million hectares. This untouched environment has more than 800 kms of rivers, 180 known creeks, 60 lakes, and three major tributaries inside the new operation area. It is the first exclusive fly-fishing only project allowed and supported by the Brazilian Government. Official Environmental and Indian Institutes worked together with the Indian Association to create the very first official sport fishing operation in Brazil inside an Indian Territory.

Rio Marie is now the biggest fly fishing only reserve in Amazon and one of the biggest fly fishing only areas in the world.

Rio Marié is also home to more double digit, trophy Peacock Bass and a higher concentration of those monster fish than any other river in Brazil or the Amazon.

This river area is huge, encompassing nearly 500 miles of virgin waters, boasting a healthy population of giant Peacock Bass. For anglers, this translates into very real opportunities to consistently hook and release much larger-than-average Peacock Bass on the fly.